When we rebel with art we become part of a revolution…

Renk Erbil

Artist statement

My early work explored abstract geometrical forms, shapes and colour to capture physical interpretations of human emotions and feelings based on my life experiences. I wanted my artwork to reflect social and intellectual anxieties and concerns about society. While I frenziedly experimented with my work, without realising I fell in love with colour. I was infatuated with how using colour affected my mindset hence I became intensely preoccupied with endeavouring with all its tones throughout the years so, I suppose I am a colourist. I’m not sure if the fact that the English translation of my name Renk has any instinctual or subconscious influence.


Consequently, I began adopting geometric forms into non-representational compositions and embraced linking my emotional, expressive feelings and ideas to recognizable, objective forms that already existed in reality.


I am besotted with using different media techniques especially photography and installations because it allows me to articulate my creative side more intensely. Also, it empowers me to develop my projects in flexuous layers allowing me to return and re-master in time.


Controversial issues such as humanity, politics, racism, sexism, multiculturalism, equality, individuality, diversity, polymorphism and many other socially varied concepts have always fascinated me both creatively and as a British/Turkish artist raised in London.

As I have personally encountered most of these issues, it’s not surprising that I devote my artwork to these matters. After all, art is personal and we all have a story to tell.


To sum it up I adore the interconnection of geometrical forms as well as the way colour captures my soul. Just as important, I love the interactivity with my participators as well as the differentiation between individuals. This allows concepts to be approached in a polemical yet liberating way as I believe, in life, there is nothing more important than liberty and freedom!


My work has evolved over the years and now as a conceptual artist, I enjoy more of my interactive work on philosophical, ideological and sociopolitical projects using participants from diverse backgrounds. They epitomise individuality and express distinctive identity…


As a self-confessed independent eccentric artist, I’ve always felt an intrinsic urgency to contribute and participate positively in society and the only way I know how to be conducive is with art…


Renk Erbil

Contemporary Art

Renk uses shape, form and colour to create compositions which conceivably habits visual references based on her experiences in life.


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