“Whispers of my Soul” series explores love from different angles. Emphasises on the dilemma of heart verses brain. Contrary to fairy tales, love has very little to do with your heart and everything to do with your brain and its various processes. For starters, the prefrontal cortex is a region of our brain that’s responsible for executive functions like problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making. Our prefrontal cortex makes lots of snap decisions with minimal information throughout the day and acknowledging love at first sight is one of those decisions, At the same time, there’s a flood of feel-good chemicals that trigger specific physical and emotional reactions in all of us. Love is manifested in our hearts and is easy to point to when we are in love but it’s our brain that causes our heart to react this way. Love at first sight which is dramatic, sudden and consumed by feelings of attraction. It involves passion, attraction, affection and a little madness. It is a moment in which you feel an instant connection with someone and the intensity of that experience is magical. Then there is the follow your head, use your brain quotes and the rational commonsensical expectations, it’s our heads that provide us with the discipline to uphold our personal boundaries and decipher whether someone will be a worthy partner.
Finally, yet importantly there is Pragma — Enduring Love, which is a unique bonded love that matures over many years. It’s an everlasting love between a couple that chooses to put equal effort into their relationship. Commitment and dedication are required to reach “Pragma” Instead of “falling in love” you are “standing in love” with the partner you want by your side indefinitely. ``Whispers of my soul” series questions whether to follow your head vs heart, artist explores with number of visual illusions with a romantic motif however concludes as there is wisdom in each, and finding balance is the key.