Renk Erbil’s controversial art series ‘Religion Re-mastered’ explores the different ways individuals respond to religion exposing the struggle between individualism and collectivism.

Featuring 21 participants, this series is based on a liberal perception of each individual’s impression of their faith. Participants were asked to choose one word to represent their personal meaning of religion. A photo was taken of the chosen word, which was written on their hand to make that human connection. Renk reworked the image using her signature geometrical abstract style. Integral to her conceptual work, the participants came from many backgrounds to provide a broad perspective. This led to a varied response with widely differing definitions of religion. ‘Religion Re-mastered’ offers a fascinating and distinctive insight into the concept of religion.

Renk first created the Religion series in 2011 before returning to it in 2020 during the uncertain days of Corona Lockdown. In the intervening years her passion for exploring colour has bloomed and she reworked Religion’s core designs using her new colour techniques. Re-mastering work allows her to go back and work layer upon layer adding new dimensions and depth.