#LOVE sits in perfect symmetry within Renk Erbil’s conceptual work as an exhibiting artist. Following her standard practice, she uses 20 models from a multicultural group of participants to ensure the theme, in this case love, is represented by as many different perspectives as possible. Love as a concept lends itself perfectly to the artist’s desire to interact with different beliefs, cultures and controversies. The word can resonate with happiness or provoke despair. Love is painful, beautiful, manipulative and kind; it is subject to every sense on the emotional spectrum. It is as individual to each person as their physical body, which is why the participants were asked to provide images of their eye and hand as well as a one-word response to the word love. The eye and hand are popular motifs in Renk’s portfolio because she finds them so visually representative of each person’s identity. Using the image of an anatomical heart to encourage a more scientific speculation, Renk then manipulated the visuals to create her signature art pieces changing the volume of the colour red depending on the word chosen to represent love. Our relationship with the concept of love begins in our head but is felt viscerally in our heart - the vibrant, pumping lifeforce of the human body. There are good reasons we associate this organ with love.