Love your body series is about acceptance and self-love. It is about needing to understand and accept where we are in life and responding with a positive attitude. There is real power in positivity and changing the lens through which we view ourselves; ageing is universal and inevitable: we all experience it, and it can come with many benefits, like greater wisdom and life experiences. To embrace those changes “Love your body” series was created in 2022, using layers of the artist’s body collapsing and moving representing challenges and trying to overcome them. Beginning to have a more positive relationship with our changing body during menopause, we may need to reacquaint ourselves with it. When we understand why it is changing, we can spend less energy fighting and more time supporting it and simply dancing! Love your body series continues with Renk’s signature geometric forms, figure deformation, and colour distortion to create non-representational compositions rooted in her life experiences.