The definition of the concept is “an abstract idea or thought”. The ‘ego’ is a conceptual perception of one’s self. Add to this an artist born into a world of fame, art and prestige, a breeding ground for enlarged egos, Renk Erbil felt eminently qualified to explore the ego in an abstract conceptual art series.

Continuing her signature style and her dedication to inclusivity, Ego is an interactive project in which she worked with 12 participants from different cultures, religions and ethnicities. Each participant was asked what they were most proud of when thinking about their body. There was a varied response including a favoured nose, pride in one’s legs and a preferred neck. Renk then manipulated the chosen part of the body into an abstract realisation playing on the idea that we are all egotistic to differing degrees, and what we love and hate about ourselves can balance our ego.

This series is both a collaborative and a personal interpretation that underscores Renk’s belief that “ego and creativity go hand in hand.”